I was 14 when I got my first 4-track tape machine.

My beloved Fostex X15. This thing  was the initial creative spark for my passion of producing audio. Having started with recorder, violin, melodica and guitar, I then discovered the magic of

making audio plays and writing songs. C90 after C90 (chrome oxide)

full of self-penned songs. My poor little parents ears…

Mein alter Vierspurrekorder. Mein Fostex X15. Mit ihm entstanden meine ersten Songs und Hörspiele.

At that time I played my first gigs (mate Mibo and me at the age of 15 alone in Berlin. With our performance we came second at the 'young german songwriters convention'). I also played with the popband »Beatmanics« and was bass player with the  trashmetalband »Fracture«. Following my A levels and 20 months of alternative civilian service I studied popular music at the »Hochschule für Musik« in Hamburg and recorded an EP. With my band »klein« I was touring for years and we released the live record »Lieder zum Mitsing life!«. Eventually, we were signed by SONY Music and released three singles and the album »kriminell« produced by Cologne-based producer Paul Grau. During this period, I worked for different TV stations  (ZDF, 3sat and as a audio producer at Sat1). I gained experience as advertising copywriter (Milka Lila Pause) and studied Empirical Science of Culture, Music & Art in Bremen.

Mein Toneking Continental ist einer der coolsten Amps der Welt. Auch wenn ich heute zum Aufnehmen meistens den Kemper Profiler benutze.

After seven years the band imploded. Furthermore my mayor interest now was elecronic music.

I bought the Atari ST, some drummachines and my first sampler.

Beside producing remixes for UNIVERSAL, SONY and indie labels, I recorded and played with my elektroband »mofateam« and as a singer-songwriter.

Ich produziere sattes Sounddesign mit sowohl analogen als auch digitalen Komponenten.

Between 2000 and 2013  I worked as »Head of Audio« for Cologne-based RTL/VOX Television.

As a sound designer and voice director, I produced more than 40.000 trailers for TV and did a lot of advertising for cinema and radio, image campaigning, wrote station IDs and broadcast commercials for client-advertisers like BMW, Procter&Gamble, Citroen, L´Oreal and so on.

In addition I produced many opening themes for the unique formats of the company in my studio.

Gemütliche Atmosphäre. So komme ich auf die besten Ideen und kann meiner Kreativität freien Lauf lassen.

Nowadays I do film- & library music, realise my own projects and work as a freelance sound engineer and copywriter on several projects individually  as well as in interdisciplinary teams.


My old Fostex X15 has retired. I use the industry standard stuff:  DAWs (Logic Pro, ProTools, Ableton), some highend audiointerfaces (Metric Halo), UAD-hardware and plugins together withsome vintage gear, tube amps and compressors, EMT-broadcast-console and analog LAWO summing.