I record & mix your sounds.

In my studio I edit and mix music and audio of all kinds, make sound design, record voice-over and musical performances. I restore or denoise your audio, reamp your guitartracks, trigger lifeless drums - you name it. And if you prefer location recording : with my 16-track highend rig from Metric Halo you always get the sound perfectly matching the colour of your eyes.

I write music. Of course I can do a metal track for you. But did I mention I play ukulele ? I always loved the roughness of the 60´s sound, the quirky, happy, crazy stuff that makes people smile and feel good.  Think Tarantino not Jerry Bruckheimer. So if you want something special, with me you´re dead on.

2014 habe ich 40 Stücke mit Ukulele aufgenommen. Stilistisch bewegen sich diese Tracks zwischen Pop, Easy Listening, Rock, Trash und Filmmusik.ik

Need audioconsulting ? Wether you look for any kind of professional library music or you like to licence my tracks, need a customised composition or soundalike, I have decades of experience in composing, sound design and strategic music consulting.

Mein Tonstudio 'tonboutique' wurde 2013 gegründet. Ich biete Musikproduktion und Auftragskomposition an, aber auch Sounddesign und Audiorestaurierung.

Sometimes we need a coach. Wether you need a voice-over training or just want to rehearse singing in a professional ambiente - yes, I can (coach you too).